FJ60 Fuel filler neck repair for $22, a how-to

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Apr 6, 2014
Reno, NV
I face a similar problem that many other FJ60 owners have faced - my fuel filler neck doesn't seal particularly well. That was a polite way of saying it spits gas everywhere if you park on a steep hill when the tank is full if you don't position the cap exactly in the right spot. Also those of us in states with emissions testing will likely fail emissions if this isn't fixed. Plus leaking gas is ghetto.

In case most of you didn't know, these things are getting increasingly hard to find. I refuse to accept this, so it time to fix this right and at the same time gain a modern screw on cap.

Rather than search around a junkyard for a donor filler neck, I opted to simply measure and search the intar-web. I found filler neck supply and was pleased with their customer service.

Parts list:

I would caution that you do this outside.

Here are the comparisons:

Back sides

Factory cam surface bent to hell.
Step 1:
Drive your cruiser until it's empty. I mean empty as in you aren't sure you can get into your driveway empty. You cannot do this on even a partial tank without risking pouring gas all over yourself

Step 2:
Remove passenger rear cargo panel. Mine are custom so they are easy to remove. Remove fuel line cover plate (under the quarter panel)

Step 3:
Remove vent line, loosen hose clamps on filler line.

Step 4:
Take filler neck assembly and wrap a piece of tape around the neck between the mounting plate and tank vent.



Use your favorite tool to cut the line. I used a body saw, but a sawzall, hacksaw or cutoff wheel will work.

Step 5:
Trim your new filler to fit. Trim to 1 11/16" from the face and you're there.



Step 6:
Utilizing the factory body gasket as a template, make a new mounting plate out of sheetmetal. I conveniently did not take pictures of this step.

Step 7:
Place the mounting flange on the new neck FIRST!. Test fit a few times.
Then it's time to weld. Or Braze. Be sure you wire brush all of the cad plating away from the weld surface both inside and out before attempting this. It's poisonous and will contaminate your weld.

Hook everything back up and take solace in your victory. I tested my welds underwater for leaks and had none.

Then I put it back together and went for a drive. The tank stayed under vacuum (which it's supposed to do) so I call this a mission success.



Excellent !!

You my hero...!!!

This is just what I was looking for. Thank you! Now I need to figure out where to get it welded... :)
How close of a fit is the replacement filler cap to the OEM filler neck tube diameter?
Awesome work! Your Toyota Ford thanks you for it! ;)
i switched to a locking cap it works without havingto do all this.
it doesnt screw in you align notches and push it in i got it at autozone.

I'd like to know which one - the only one that I see that fits has bad reviews due to the rubber gasket failing.

And to the original poster - really nice work!
How close of a fit is the replacement filler cap to the OEM filler neck tube diameter?

It's the same diameter as the factory filler neck.

i switched to a locking cap it works without havingto do all this.
it doesnt screw in you align notches and push it in i got it at autozone.

Mine had a locking fuel cap. It's what caused all of this mayhem. Those caps do not seal positively like a screw in style cap. I did this is because there is no way to seal the evap test machine to the fuel filler neck, and because I was tired of gas pouring out of my cruiser when I parked on a hill.
Ok, so I order two of everything... I'll do one (mine first) and if I don't screw it up I'll do a second one and put it up for grabs (free) provided that i find the gas filler I have somewhere in the garage...
No first dibs on this..

Thanks to the Ford dude for posting this up...
Someone start fabbing for resale? Maybe in Washington?
Hmmm, now you got me thinking. I wouldn't mind a wider filler neck all together. Thanks for the write up.
this is the only real fix to the oem filler neck. Good Work fascist! this has been the plan for my spare neck; might just have to get off my arse and do it!

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