FJ60 1984 New to Form Introduction

Nov 6, 2022
Morrison, CO
Hello everyone,
I'm new to this form. Thank you for accepting me. I'm looking forward to learning about my FJ60. I'm just starting to get into the Cruiser world. I bought a 1984 FJ60 a few months ago. I had my step dad help me with a few repairs to get it on the road, but now I need to keep it going. I'm currently having an issue with it starting. The wiring is cobbled together I just installed an amp that seemed to drain the battery. I unplugged it and still having the issue. I think it might be a lose ground somewhere, but not sure.

I'm also looking for a guide to maintenance. When searching the form I find a lot on the FJ62, but not the FJ60. Any suggestions where I can find routine maintenance guide? I know I need to grease my zerks, but would like a full guide to everything that I should be doing.

Thank you for any help!


Jun 30, 2017
Yeah this forum has a lot of good info.

The Toyota 2F engine factory service manual has all the tune up procedures. Get a copy of that. Also get the emissions equipment manual.

The link below has a bunch of manuals someone posted online.


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