FJ45LV Rear Hatch Knobs, any ideas for replacements?

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Aug 12, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
The knobs on my 66 LV's rear hatch are cracked and don't have much life left in them, anybody found any suitable replacements anywhere? Doesn't look like the 55 series used anything similar from what I can tell on SOR's site diagrams.



I have the same issue. Thinking they could be machined out of some good plastic if I could find something that looked correct.
Yeah I could only find black ones on there when I was looking last night, but I suppose I could paint it if I decide it has to be white like the originals right? Hard to know with these LV's how much of a stickler to be for stuff like that...
I have the same issue. Thinking they could be machined out of some good plastic if I could find something that looked correct.
A big part of me says just leave the ones I have alone, but I know its a matter of time before they completely crack and fall off. If you ever come up with a good solution let me know, I have to imagine every LV out there could use a set! I looked at FJ Co's restoration and even their hatch has cracked knobs. Seems like they reproduce stuff when they have to so I guess they weren't able to find a new solution.

Screen Shot 2019-05-23 at 3.36.07 PM.png
Got a picture of one of those tancruiser? Are those still available? I bought some plastic yesterday to see if any of it will work.
I got some of the knobs from McMaster in but they’re pretty cheap compared to the OEM ones that are in there. Not solid, but hollow. Going to keep looking for something a little better. Seems like a great piece for a 3D printer, anybody know someone that has one they like to play with?
If someone has a Knob that we could use to copy the insert?; i.e. Plastic all perished, I could use that for CAD design to get machined.
Then, I would need a good one to copy.
I'm not sure if this project proceeded or not, but this style of inserts might be an option. Either 3D print around the insert, or install into the knob after printing. They also offer these inserts in stainless.


Also see the "Press-Fit Inserts for Plastic" section of this link for other options:
For some reason I didn’t get alerts on this until just now, didn’t see @andybudge replies either.

I don’t think I can get my knobs off without drilling them out. And I don’t think I want to do that unless I have a replacement already since I need my hatch functional. If anybody has a spare set of hardware that could be looked at by Andy or whoever does the 3D printing. I imagine they could be modeled without removing the knob right? Send the entire assembly over.

Those inserts look like they’d work perfect @Andrew S Kind of like what’s inside some of the dash knobs.

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