Builds 1960 FJ28L - Project Lara

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Aug 12, 2010
Phoenix, AZ
Alright some of you already know I'm the poor sap that bought this FJ28L at Barrett this afternoon. By the way that price is after all of Barrett's commissions plus I had to pay state and local sales tax :( Next time I'll fly in a family member out of town to "do my bidding"

I'll be honest I blew past what I told myself was my limit, but I knew I'd never see one of these again the rest of my life so I'm happy with the purchase, rust bucket that it is. Far as I know there's only the one at the museum in SLC and I guess this one in denmark . So pictures are few and far between.

I should have it in hand on Tuesday and I'll post a lot more pictures then, but here's a few. Apologies I did not take the photos originally with the thought of posting them they were more for my own sake to look/zoom in on. I'll take better ones Tuesday. I'm new to the FJ2X community, but have had several 40s and now have an FJ45LV. I will probably start restoring it slowly but surely soon, but I want to wait a bit and make sure I know what needs to be done - I'd like to get it as close to factory original as possible.

The way I figure this is kind of a mix of an FJ25 and an FJ45LV since it's another GIFU Body - made coach. It's got a lot of cool unique parts but some that I'm going to need a lot of help and input both identifying and sourcing. List to come...





Awesome buy! So glad we all get to follow along on this rare bird.

Here are the only pictures I could find in my old literature.

Anybody know anything about that “cage” looking thing in the rear of the interior in the photos? No sign of it on this one or the one at the museum. Just bars to protect the windows from cargo perhaps?

I made a big list of questions and parts last night, couldn’t sleep. But I’ll wait to post all of that until I have it in hand and can include pictures with it.

You will have your hands full... but... I think you'll be more than competent ... and you have the $$$$ lol... you deserve a lot of 'like's for this build :)

Those bars are exactly what you think cargo bars

there is a bar that goes behind the seats on a 40 that prevent cargo from hitting you in the head.... had not seen them on a 25 i dont think
Please remove those horrible white walls asap.
Look forward to the rebuild. It's definitely gonna be an uphill battle.
As already stated those bars are glass protectors. Just for fun here is a schematic from my LV parts book showing them.

It’s awesome that these old brochures have survived...

Had trouble sleeping last night. I realize now I was kidding myself about potentially not restoring this thing. Definitely going to dig into it soon!

Looks like the seller was house of cruisers, who I believe actually found the other 28L at the heritage museum as well. Who knows maybe there are more hiding down in Venezuela? I better go down there and start looking for parts ;) jk

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