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  1. 40 Series

I'm looking for an Fj40. My first vehicle was a 1970 in dune beige. Sold it when we had kids, dogs, etc. Now I'm retired and want another one.

I'm looking for one that's as original as possible. Years 1968 to 1978. I like the ambulance doors, but pre 1975 gets me away from the Oregon smog requirements. Three on the tree is fine. No V8 conversions, no highly modified wheelers. Tasteful upgrades like power steering, disc brakes are acceptable. Don't need AC as whenever it's warm enough for that, the top will be off. Will be mostly used for putzing around in nice weather, picking up cute girls and beer runs. 😉 No hard core wheeling.

My biggest limitation is, it needs to be freeborn red. I've always wanted a red one so I've decided to wait until I find one. I love the original wheels and hubcaps. An 8274 would be awesome. Soft top would be fine, save me the hassle of storing the hard top.

Obviously, I'd prefer as rust free as possible. Original paint would be fantastic. Some patina is okay. I'm not much of a mechanic but could handle some of that, with the assistance of the local LC shop. I'm not really interested in major body work. A restored vehicle would be fine, if done well and kept original.

I'd go to $35K for the right vehicle, but would prefer to be in the $20K's range to allow for my own addition/repairs. I'm in Oregon but willing to travel or ship. A road trip to one of the western states to check out a 40 would be fun. The further away it is, the nicer it would have to be. If it's sketchy, I'd want to see it in person and I'm probably not going to drive to Texas ot Tennessee....

As an example, I should have pursued this one, but was still wishy washy in my decision to buy. I've since decided to just pull the trigger. Life's too short and I'm not getting any younger. 🙂 Plus, the wife is fine with it (she hasn't yet figured out it will mean her car will have to park outside so the 40 can park inside. My side of the garage is already full of other toys.....).

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me. Let me know what's out there. I peruse Craigslist and Facebook marketplace regularly, but I'm sure I miss some. Please don't be offended if I'm not interested in your vehicle, I realize I'm being very picky.

(Picture for attention only, though if this is you rig I'd love to hear from you)

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I have a few at Proffits Landcruisers right now





20160609_161940000_iOS 3.jpg
Some nice Cruisers there! I especially like the first one and the last one. Unfortunately, none of them are red. 😉

ohhhh red, you are the exact opposite of me with color desire
guilty as charged
What’s the story on the dune beige 40 (the first one)?
It' available, and one of my favorites 1980. It had a Summit V8 Crate put in it, and felt built up to me. Had a small quick fire but was quickly put out, Proffit cleaned that up and we had a buyer but then it fell through. I was going to post it soon and the others. I haven't seen anything pop up that's as nice on an 80. No rust. I think it's worth $37k now, just because it's an 80 and no rust. But I have not put an official price on it. No AC but has PS.


IMG_2215 1.jpg




IMG_2207 1.jpg

IMG_2208 1.jpg



No affiliation, but this one has been for sale outside San Francisco for a while for $19k. Body looks pretty clean.

I saw that one too. Emailed him twice from 2 email accounts with some questions, never got a response other than "yes its still available ".

Did you notice the gaps at the top of the doors? I'm not sure if the doors aren't closed all the way, or what. Looks like there may be a piece missing at the head of the door or the top is jacked?

Thanks for the response, that would be something I'm interested in if I could get the guy to respond.....
What’s the deal with non-op California title? Does that pose a problem when transferring?
Anyhow: the top of those doors do look weird. Can’t tell on the passenger side, but the driver’s side does not look like it’s missing the header piece. Almost looks like the door frames are pushed out at the top. Maybe just no weatherstripping? Definitely looks worth getting eyes on, especially since the pics aren’t great.
I have a 1971 that I could be talked into letting go for a reasonable price (much lower than your budget). Let me know if you might be interested and we can PM, and I can take a lot more pictures, videos, etc... Sorry these aren't the best pictures, just what I had on my phone.





The last picture with the soft top and goofy jerry can, was when I bought it 7+ years ago. (Before the hardtop and new 33" BFG's)
No affiliation, but this one has been for sale outside San Francisco for a while for $19k. Body looks pretty clean.

For what it's worth, 1971's didn't come original with a 2F like the add claims.

I'll maybe regret adding this here because I kind of want to buy it but I know next to nothing about 40s.

EDIT: nevermind, I see it was posted above. The guy has been sort of responsive and even called and left me a VM.

If you need a local to go look at I could perhaps make a trip.

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