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Nov 16, 2005
San Diego County
Hi all, new to the forum. I have a 71 fj 40, chevy small block, Toy 4 speed tranny with, alledgedly, the 3 speed t-case. I have owned it for about 5 years and have not had anyone able to answer my question, I hope someone can help clear this up for me.

The T-case shift pattern.

My understanding is there are a couple versions, a straight back and fourth and an L shaped pattern. Mine is some sort of L shape, but more like a U. OK, all the way to the left and up (towards firewall) is 2H. Straight back is 4H.
From 4H, moving a bit to the right (towards passenger) keeps it in 4H, however, if I push forward, it clicks into N. Now, this is where I am not sure if I have a broken shift gate or something. Pulling it back out of neutral and continuing to the right shifts it into 4L. Now, if I push forward from this position, back toward the firewall, it shifts into 2L. Is this normal?

I am sorry I probably made this sound more complicated than I should have. My biggest question is this....should there be a 2 low. Thanks to any/all that can help


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Feb 17, 2002
Las Vegas
you are absolutely correct, the PO probably removed the 2low shift gate when he did the conversion. No big deal at all.

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