Fj40 soa question

Jul 27, 2003
Hey so I am sure this has been answered time and time again and what I need exists somewhere. I have been working the search function but have come to the point where I am about to lay down some more cash on the hy-steer kit that I will be using for my project but I have a few variables and I just am hoping an expert or two can tell me that I’m in the right track.

here’s what I got

75fj40 Chevy 350. 4 speed toy trans/case
-“Toyoda” ps box. I believe it’s a mini truck ifs box. It works fine but the turning radius is enormous.
- fj60/62 axles
-soa kit at the ready
-hoping to reuse stock springs

I just want to pickup the correct hy steer kit for my application. Marlin I have heard is the way to go, and the local shop advises they are 4-6 weeks back ordered with no firm delivery date. That doesn’t bother me as long as that setup will work with that I am trying to put together.

My mind is so fuzzy reading about spline counts and compatible arms and trying to match everything up.

I won’t be starting in this till March anyways so I don’t mind the wait if it’s the correct setup. If it isn’t though, can someone guide me in the right direction?

all help and patience is appreciated.

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Jul 12, 2002
McKinney, Texas
I'll second the 4x4Labs setup. You can also send him your pitman arm and he'll ream it to match the 1 ton TRE's that come with the kit. Also look into Scout or FJ60 power steering. I run Scout with the 4x4Labs steering.

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