FJ40 Roof Rack & Ladder

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Apr 12, 2013
Missoula, MT
I recently went through SOR and got a Wilderness Garvin roof rack along with the ladder. I am wondering if anyone knows the correct way to carry the ladder, it doesn’t appear to fit well anywhere on top; are you supposed to strap it onto your luggage after you have loaded? Seems odd since you can’t use it to get down which would force you to tie it to the side. Definitely don’t want to carry it inside and take up space, and don’t really want it rattling around outside not secured properly.
The ladder has two small legs sticking out so I am assuming when you are using it to get to the top, you must put it over the wheel-well on the side or over the ambulance door on the back, but not sure which is the proper way. You would think it would be the same dimension as the rack so it would just slip into the edge next to the rail of the rack but it is too long to fit up there. Am I missing something obvious?

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