Fj40 Question

Jun 22, 2005
Guy i work with has a 77 fj40.. pretty much stock with 35's and a Chev 350..
He wants to make it a wheeler.. but hes kinda inexpreinced so i told him id help him build it... What i want to know is, what gears came stock in it ? what gears are availible he wants to go as low as possible? he wants to do a spring over so how much lift will that add? what springs are availible and he could get some flex out of?
is the rear end a 8" or ?? he wants to weld the rear and lock the front, whats a good locker for a cruiser?

When doing a spring over and adding power steering what steering box and pump do u use?

Im a Toyota truck guy normally but im just tryin to dig up info bc this is gunna be my first Cruiser build up.

Eventully it will be all exo caged too <~~~ fixed it :flipoff2:
:beer: :beer: :beer:
Thanks Jake
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Feb 17, 2002
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What is an Eco cage???

Made from recycled goods?
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