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thanks for your interest.

It has been a long time since I have been on the forum due to some changes in job duties, family, and other obligations. Hence, I need to get rid of my FJ40 project. This 1974-ish project started as a father-son project, but since he found a wife and had a couple of kids, this has been occupying a large portion of my garage for 4-years without being touched. I don't have the time right now, and certainly, without my son, don't have the technical ability needed to make any progress. I need to get rid of the entire project, including the following for a bargain price of $1,500:

* Nearly complete 1974 FJ40 with original engine (but don't think it has run in a long time). This was purchased off a rancher in the mountains after sitting in his field for several years. It has a trashed soft top and I removed the seats due to rot. I have all the seat brackets. There is very little rust - the tub is intact. It has a minimum amount of rust on the rear quarterpanels. One of the front fenders is pretty banged up, I have the fender from another body that is in pretty good shape and was going to use as a replacement. It only has a set of "New" soft half-doors since I was going to make a summertime buggy out of it.
* Sandblasted and repainted 1973 (?) frame, suspension, and axles. We rebuilt the axles and put an Aussie Locker on the rear and the front is "Lincoln Locker" welded (this was done prior to my ownership). The front axle is from an FJ60 so I could convert to front disc brakes. Both axles probably need to be gone through again, just to make sure.
* Chevy V8-350. This came with the project I purchased. It is clean and was told it was rebuilt, I cannot assure that it was, but took the previous owner's word for it - it looks nice. It is mounted on an engine stand (included).
* Chevy SM420 transmission - intended to connect with the engine, again, included with the project purchase, so don't know more than that.
* Set of AT Falken tires mounted on spoke rims (stored in garage).
* Boxes of pieces and parts.

I have included a link to dropbox for some photos. I can provide additional if needed, or message me for more information or to make arrangements to take a look at this project. I am located in Albuquerque, NM metro area.

Dropbox - FJ40

Thanks for looking.
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I am interested Message sent. I will buy it and local. Please give a call.
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