Wanted FJ40 OEM Cam

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Nov 21, 2017
United States
Have a Delta cam that isnt doing what I expect, looking for a new stock or mild cam please.
Since they are drilled differently between F and 2F (and the F.5), you should specify.
Hmm...I removed my old cam, sent it out and got it back, so not sure which it is...can you tell from these pics?


@JohnJL Johnny

Since they are drilled differently between F and 2F (and the F.5), you should specify.

you need to indicate if your ENGINE is an F, 2F, or F.5. Your picture appears to show an oil filter in front of the distributor. If so, you likely have a 2F, or F.5.

If you're not sure, check for the engine number on the side of the block, just above the starter.
I was told its an F1.5, but not having had any other FJ40 cams in my hands I didnt know there was a difference between them other than the grind. Every day is a school day!
My engine block number is F 527152


The difference between F cams and 1.5F and 2F cams is the placement of the drilling through the camshaft journals, which feed oil to the rocker shaft.

On F engines the drilling was in the second cam journal. On 1.5F and 2F engines, the third cam journal. If you use a cam not intended for your engine, you will starve the rockers of oil, leading to severe damage.

Some aftermarket camshafts were drilled for both style applications, with drillings in both journals:

In any event, you should ensure the camshaft you choose as a replacement has the proper drilling to match your original camshaft.

Don't count on descriptions claiming "1969 - 1980" compatibility without confirmind drilling location. The only camshaft that qualifies for that range would require drillings in both journals as illustrated above.

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