Wanted Fj40 Late Model Sending Unit Connector

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Feb 4, 2006
United States
Does anyone have one of these connectors that is in decent shape or is anyone making any ? I really don’t need the whole harness, just the connector and some wiring to splice into. I’m adapting a 40 sending unit to a mini truck tank. The one pictured came from a later 40 harness.



The connector for a FJ40 sending unit.
Late model “T” style.
The connector for a FJ40 sending unit.
Late model “T” style.

there are many sending units .......

- coolant temp

- thermo coolant

- thermo carb fan

- fuel

- oil pressure

speed / counter on California modles


if you require the correct OEM color coded tracer stripes wire in pigtails format ..........................

then i sorta need to know the above and below ....?

thanks matt

A sender was a special type of circuit in 20th-century electromechanical telephone exchanges which registered the telephone numbers dialed by the subscriber, and then transmitted that information to another exchange.[1] In some American exchange designs, for example, the No. 1 Crossbar switch there were both originating senders and terminating senders.[2] The corresponding device in the British director telephone system was called a "director" and, in other contexts, "register".


The sender concept was developed to meet the needs of large city telephone switching systems, where the total number of subscriber lines and multiple central offices throughout the city required complex switching arrangements that were not easily handled by the direct control systems then in use, such as the step by step, or Strowger system. These limitations included inefficient trunking in large service areas, and a limited ability for growth and reorganization as additional subscribers were added. The introduction of senders into switching systems allowed the subscriber's dial pulses to be registered, then translated into a physical location on the switching fabric, either in the local office, or in a distant office. Once the sender received the translation, it directed the selectors in the switching fabric to the correct terminal, completing the connection to the called party. Because the dialed digits from the subscriber were stored, and translated, there was no direct correlation required between the dialed number, and the actual location of the trunk(s) or subscribers on the switch itself. This meant that as new telephone exchanges were added, a translation could be updated to include the new exchange without expensive and time-consuming modifications to the telephone switch.

One of the first US patents filed for this concept was granted to Western Electric in 1913.[3] This was developed in the US by the Bell System and was first widely used in the Panel Machine Switching System. As machine switching exchanges became commonplace, senders also played a critical role in communication between central offices of different types. For example, in a given city, there may be several central offices with different kinds of telephone switches that all must inter-operate with each other. As technology improved, better signaling methods were devised, but backward compatibility with existing exchanges had to be maintained. Thus, senders were developed to send and receive information in a wide variety of "protocols", including revertive pulse, MF, dial pulse, DC key pulse, and PCI.

The sender design was improved throughout the 20th Century and was used extensively in the No. 1 and No. 5 Crossbar switching systems. Common-channel signaling replaced senders after the advent of stored program control.

A secondary meaning within the UK broadcast engineering community is as a synonym for broadcast transmitter.
ok kool thanks

you have a Yellow wire / w red tracer stripe and a white wire black tracer stripe right ?

is there a plug or connector on the main harness intersection junction end or does it simply go into the main hrness of wires ?

i have all the needed parts in stock to whip up a fuel sender repair pigtail or sub harness including the ARMOR loom jacket too

what exact year and production month is this fj40 as well

thanks for all the added tech details

details matter

this is the way .......
What I am doing is trying to use a fj40 sending unit in a fuel tank for a 1982 SWB P/U 4x4. The wiring from the pickup sending unit did go to a plug that plugged into the main wiring harness. Really all I need is the plug that will plug into the new fj40 sending unit and a length of wiring that I can connect to the existing wiring that I will in turn plug into the pickup wiring harness. The production date on the P/U is July 82. Let me know if that helps. If however you could make one that matched the plug that goes to the P/U that would be great. I will get a picture of the whole harness if that helps

Your all wrapped up litterly in JIS UV rated yazaki HIGH gloss solid loom Armor shield 🛡 chemicals resistant too

I only need your terminal location/ pin outs for the HILUX male adapter connector ??

I know the Fj40 60051 layout already well


Your needed all OEM parts solution

Period corrrect yellow w / red tracer stripe and white w/ black tracer stripes Leeds …

16ga update also fyi

No shrimp 🍤 shack kustom yazaki on my watch ever !

If you only need the connector, I have a new one, I can put the ends on with wire-I have the proper crimper, I only have the white and black stripe 16 ga wire, but I do have other colors for the second incl. yellow only... I sent you a pm if interested.


If you only need the connector, I have a new one, I can put the ends on with wire-I have the proper crimper, I only have the white and black stripe 16 ga wire, but I do have other colors for the second incl. yellow only... I sent you a pm if interested.

View attachment 2951833

View attachment 2951832

hey where did you get the GREEN Female locking 2 pin housings ?

that's not fair ! :D



89620-60060jpg.image.500 x400 - Copy (3) - Copy - Copy.jpg
I don't know if you are serious, but if you want to know I will tell you were, I will have to look to see which place I got them at....

i don't joke around about my OCD for Green YAZAKI .... :)

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