For Sale FJ40 Complete Rebuilt Manual Steering Setup

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Apr 9, 2015
Up for sale is the complete rebuilt manual steering setup off of my 1972 FJ40. I used it for approximately 500 miles before it was removed. I converted my FJ40 to the FJ80 power steering conversion. All the tie rods, which are 555 from Japan, are like new. The steering box and bell crank have been rebuilt as well.

$250.00 obo

If your 'rebuilt' Included putting in a new sector roller bearing, I will take this. I have two locals, one who needs the box, and the other who is driving around on 40 year old tie rod ends!:eek:
See if you can find a list of the components you bought for the overhaul. TR ends and center arm kit are a given. Sector seal is easy. Anything else on the steering box, not so much so. That's why I want to know. I don't care if the covers were glued on without gaskets; I have dozens of those. But the sector roller is often necessary for a proper rebuild.
Unfortunately, I can’t find the list of parts. The box had 111,000 miles on it before overhaul and turns very smooth.
I can tell in 60 seconds if it has a new bearing. But since I would be looking to install these on customer's rigs, I'd need to be sure first...and I would need to talk to those customers as well.

Since I'm not going into work today, that's not going to happen today. So if you need an answer from me today, then I pass.
will any of this fit a 9/74 fj40?

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