FJ fender cracks and a question

Jan 17, 2019
So cal
My early thought would be maybe plating the area where the cracks start. I looked at a couple that had various stages of cracks before I bought mine. None were as bad as posted above but some were over 2 inches and that FJ had a noticeable rattle when it went over bumps on the street,
Mine doesn’t make any rattling noises... yet. The turn signal light has a very slight looseness in the side that had the failure of the initial repair.

After further inspection, there are two issues that Im noticing. First, because the previous owner stuffed the wheel into the wheel well the connection there has been creased with no cracking. This might be fine to leave over time, but I will inspect it regularly.

The other item is the split where the original repair was made. In my case, I had thought that I needed to plate it, but now it looks like I can manipulate it back into place and reweld it.

I plan on watching it over time to see if further damage occurs. If it becomes catastrophic I will either have a body shop fix it entirely or build a tube style support. This vehicle will remain as a daily driver with light to moderate off road use.
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