Fixed wind noise in Sunroof

Dec 29, 2003
Hey guys,

While working on the Cruiser yesterday, I decided to try and fix the wind noise I was getting with my sunroof closed.

It is a pretty easy job really. My sunroof was about 1/8" low on the back edge of the glass from the roofline. Just pop the two side hard plastic trim pieces off the lower edge of the glass and you will see the 3 10mm nuts holding the glass to the slider track on each side. I removed all the nuts and lifted the glass out. While it was out, it was real easy to lube the seal with the paste silicon and to grease the track mechanism. I put the glass back in and then added one 1/8" thick washer between the window glass and the track on the two back studs on each side of the glass and raised it flush with the roofline on the back of the glass. There were already factory shims in there that I added the washer on top of. Bolted her back up and snapped the trim on and I was good to go. This eliminated 90% of the wind noise. I took it for a test run down the highway and barely heard a bit of noise about 70MPH. I used to have tons of noise at even 35MPH.

One :banana: Job and well worth it!

Now its time to do the window marine bearing grease-job to fix those slow windows.

Aug 28, 2003
Vancouver, WA.

I think mine is just a worn down felt seal around the glass. It appears to be perfectly flush to the roof all the way around. I'm working on "shimming" the whole edge where it seals. I'll have to post if that works. But nice info on the panel removal. Think I might do that just to grease the tracks.

Just don't drop that panel. ;)
Mar 27, 2003
post some pics while you're at it...this sounds very helpful as I find the truck a wee bit loud at times...even with the B - I - N - G - O CD turned down...

Cheers, Hugh

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