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Jun 29, 2006
Carolina Beach NC
I laid all my ideas on graph paper, making tiny templates of tools, cabinets, shelves that I move around inside the space, the greatest flexibility was to invest in enough storage on wheels, keeping everything as mobile as possible. Looking at USA built, name brand products make it impractical, however, owning a Harbor Freight brand small rolling box I’ve been happy with, I did my due diligence on-line then went to a local store to give them a hard look.

Made the decision and then the adventure starts getting all 4 pieces in the same color without waiting 3 weeks for their in-store ordering system (for these tool chests/cabinets), clearly, on place HF cuts cost is in their computer/software system. They can’t see what other stores stock so I got the part numbers to see if any other stores within a reasonable drive had ANY color of all 4 in stock, Burlington won and black it is...



All perfect upon unboxing but the top case, had a powder coat masking error and a dimple on the top lid scored the powder coat, I’ll eat those cosmetic imperfections with a gently worded email to HF customer service.

I find no other faults, I find the on-line reviews mostly accurate and would find it hard to invest the resources in name brand boxes unless I was a paid professional whose heavy use would justify their expense. I find this $1200 package a great way to solve my storage issues without more permanent installs.


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Jan 22, 2007
Chesnee, SC
Looks great Jerry! With you on the tool boxes. I bought two mechanic's 5 drawer rolling carts today, on sale for $199 each! There is just no way to beat the level of quality for the price that I have seen. Time will certainly tell but I have looked at the big name boxes and there is just no way I am paying that kind of money for a tool box stack.

22" x 30"
Feb 26, 2002
Roxboro, NC
I recently bought the exact same US General tool chest from HF (minus the two side attachments). I'm very satisfied with the quality. Hard to beat it for the price.

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