Finally, a 1999 UZJ100

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Feb 2, 2004
Hayward, Ca.
Well after years of wanting a hundy series, finally pullied the trigger on a 1999 with the rear diff option. Ihave owned 40's 60's 80's, so naturally I had to keep progressing to the 100 series. This thing is sweet, drives like a luxury car and is built like a tank. Not a huge fan of the indepedent suspension, but I am sure it has it's pro's too. It isn't perfect be any means, it has some nickel size dings throughout the body, but mechanically it's solid.. 191K miles with the timing belt done at 96k, so it's due for one. Think I will wait for the 200k before I do the front bearings and rebuild the cv's along with the TB WP.. CV's do have a bit of grease around 1 of the boots, but I am sure they'll hold up for another 10k. I did buy the CV screw type clamp kit from Pfran's website. Other than that I'll wait until the 200k to get in there and do the maintence mentioned already. I don't plan on wheeling the hundy like I do the 80, but I still feel like need the front ARB just for piece of mind. Other than that I am just looking at 295 size tires and a front ARB bull bar. That's it for the mods.. Here are a couple of pics, nothing special all stock... After checking all fluids, I did notice that the power steeing was not the ATF type. It's not blood red like the atf and does not smell like it either, looks to be power steering fluid with a faint reddish color. I think I flush it out and put ATF fluid..



With the 40:


Pic of not so bad leaky cv boot:
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Very nice! Congrats on the purchase.

Really like the 40 too.
Thanks. She's down right now. While wrenching on her I forgot a set of needle nose pliers on the valve cover and while starting it up the managed to fall into the fan shroud and pop, huge hole in the Radiator!:rolleyes:.. So she's taking a break for now..
About time Robert....all the cool kids with Hundy's are in California.



Thanks Onur, I'm about 4 months away from hitting you or Cdan up for a crap load a parts, stay tuned:D.
Congrats, I joined the hundy club last week. I have had 3 4runners, 2 80s and now the 100. Almost wish I didn't wait so long but it was totally worth it. Mods coming just don't what to do first. Oh and I sold the 80 lx450 today for $4100 so I have some loot to start

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