February 21st Trash Pick Up

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Jan 14, 2010
Just an early reminder that our trash pick up starting at the F-Mart will be on Saturday February 21st. I'm thinking we can plan to meet at 0900 to give the sun time to warm up a bit? We will provide vests/bags/pickers/etc. I'll also bring some water for everyone. We had a great turn out last time, hopefully we can do it again!

I'll send an email out once I get my replacement phone in today and have everyone's contacts again.
going to try to come out with the boys.
Sounds good.
I plan on being there.

For those who have not participated.... here's your call-out! Get your butt out of bed next Saturday and come hang out for a good cause. It's a nice drive up there and will be good fellowship amongst Upstate Cruisers' members. I hope to see a big crowd Saturday.
The forecast right now shows some wintery mix for Saturday. If it is just snow and very scattered, we shouldn't have a problem. I'm sure the weather will change again before then. Not worried about driving to get there, just don't know about picking up wet frozen trash. Stay tuned.
So, now WeatherUnderground is showing a clear day on Saturday, but Weather Channel is showing a 40% chance. WU is usually more accurate. I think maybe we should wait until tomorrow to make a call, if everyone is OK with that?
Sounds good. Just let us know. I'm heading up that way Saturday either way. I will either pick up trash or fly fish for trout..... I got a hall pass....
lol and your going to use that pass either way right! Just keep us informed. The boys and I will come up if we decide to do it and I don't get forced to work.
That's right. The pass I usually get is good for one use only and expires if unused. So.... either way, I am going to pick up trash Saturday. Wink wink... nod nod...
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You just have to do what I do. Just do what you want:smokin:. After a couple years they get used to it.
OK, three different weather sources are showing Saturday will be good to go now, so we are on. See you all at 0900!
It's 30 deg here. Not too bad compared to the last few days.

I'm about to get my stuff together and head towards the F-mart shortly. See you guys in a bit.
Thanks to Chuck, Jeff, Marshall, and Corey for coming out today despite the cold. Not nearly as much trash as last time (good thing).

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