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Mar 24, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
With the long weekend in February this next year (2019) I’m planning another overlanding trip. Monument Valley up through southern Utah.

I’ve talked to a few folks already and the plan would be to start Friday up to Monument Valley and Camp in an area just across the border in Utah. This is a very scenic area and covered with trails. As with most trip planning, weather can be a factor, expect cold and possibly wet conditions plus a lot of miles.

Stay tuned for more information.

I’m thinking we will meet Friday morning at 10 AM in Flagstaff at the ConocoPhillips travel center at 7180 US-89, Flagstaff 86004. This will be our fuel top off point before we head north. We should depart the Flagstaff station at 10:15 AM. Our next gas stop will be Mexican Hat.

For those departing from Phoenix we will be leaving at 7:30 to account for traffic and allow fueling time in Flagstaff. There will not be fast food stops so everyone should be prepared to eat lunches and dinners from whatever you bring. We will be topping off our fuel again near Monument Valley. Everyone should plan their travel time accordingly, my estimates are based on departing from the 4_sons Chevron on the north east side of I-17 and Carefree Highway by no later than 7:30 AM. If people want to caravan this could be a good meeting point.

My plans are to head from home to Flagstaff and await everyone there. I suggest everyone spread out versus caravan, then each driver can roll at their preferred pace.

Our list of attendees is pretty long, I know there will be some changes but this is about the maximum number of attendees.

If you are on the list incorrectly please let me know. I have added the names of the attendees so we aren't scrambling to remember.

Saddletramp - Steve (AKA White Steve)

Verruckt1 - Pete

Abigail - Abigail

Cruddz and Garrissey - Alvis and Edgar

D_Webb -Ben

Murf and Cruiserhiggs - Eric Murphy and Scott

Brices123 - Brice

Otter - Richard

Ken in AZ - Ken

Highwayromping - Chris

Stepmurr - Steve (AKA. Red Steve)

Yotadude - William

Ausome4x4 - David

Probro - Matt and Ariadne

DPA200 - Dylan

Longduck - Thomas

Definite No’s

JClarke450- 100% positively NOT coming






Living in the past

Jason Hansen - Jason


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Oct 10, 2017
Phoenix AZ
I'll join the "depending on work" group. It'll be my birthday weekend, so what better way to celebrate? But, work has had a history of crushing that one before. I'd most likely have the same trailer along as well. I should know for sure by mid-January


Mar 24, 2006
Scottsdale, AZ
While this should be stock friendly, there is always to possibility of something happening. Most of the folks that do these runs are in for the scenic content and not too much difficult 4 wheeling.

Inviting a friend to attend in their truck is fine, you as the inviter of this friend are then responsible for them.

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