Factory Lockers on a LC without

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Apr 1, 2003
Has anyone installed factory lockers in an 80 that did not come from the factory with them? I know the harness is there and would only require the switch and control module for the operation of the lockers. Of course then there is the installation of the lockers in the axles. I do have the full floating rear end but what modifications to the housing would be needed or would it be easier to find axles with lockers and swap them under? I know installing ARB's would be easier (and cheaper) but why do that when the factory has a set up and you can get parts at any dealer.
I did


They work good, though.... :beer:

If you want the dirty details I can expand on my efficient consumption of funds for my folly......

I wouldn't mind if you did. What way did you go? Whole axles or parts?
I do know you can set up the factory locker switch to operate the ARB's. Check historic posts over at 80scool to figure out how.
My lovely wife has me on KP at the moment. I will sneak under the wire later and tell you how to spend 4 grand.

Don't botherf with the factory lockers. It is way cheaper to install ARB's. I thought of doing what you say but it really gets $$$ fast. Not worth it IMO.
Yeah, BMT, while it would be really cool to add the factory lockers, it would be a heck of a lot easier, and less expensive to just get ARBs with the factory switch. Only the sound of the compressor would give you away.... 8)

-H- :beer:
You really don't need the factory switch either. The Compressor comes with switches that light up and fit right into those two empty spaces next to where the factory switch would go. I then also wired the switches to the dash board diff indicators.

the brain, switch, and switch bracket are under $200 new dealer (slight discount)

the rear 3rd member is $900-$950 discount.
rear splined axle shaft is $200 (about) discount
housing can be ground out in 15 minutes to accept carrier fork etc.
misc hardware for rear axle under $50 and gasket.
--remember also you will have a complee fine spline 4.10 carrier for sale with XXX miles

front axle diff is $675 or so discount- but does not come with actuator- that is more still- close to $1100 for both. no axle needed. holes must be relocated (so Lance has told me) to fit front (not so in rear).

then a little wiring job- presto.

other option is for a used front axle and swap whole deal in. The rear is simple to convert (I took a disk 75 series axle and put an e locker in it- my front is a 1981 J40)
Wow! BMT, you'd have some 'splaining to do to SWMBO to pull that one off! :eek: (Up to and including getting her that diesel crew cab she's been wanting!) Let me know what excuse you use so that I can work on the same if you pull it off! You'd be my hero! :bow:

-H- :beer:
...or just buy a LX450 in the first place  :D - you're going to replace the bumpers, suspension and running boards anyway, so why not?  You could probably find some 80 owner that would buy all the Lexus badges :D :D

Cheers, Hugh (still loving his factory lockers)
Rick pretty much covered it.

A new front diff, part number 41110-60370 does include the actuator. It lists for $1,036.97

 In my conversion I modified the rear housing and put in a new front housing.......

Hey Hltoppr...want to buy a nice full floating 3rd member?
Only the sound of the compressor would give you away.... Ê8)

-H- :beer:
You could always run CO2... :D

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