F Pulley Set Up?

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Apr 20, 2003
I have a 74 fj40 that I'm putting a york compressor, gm alternator, and saginaw power steering on. I'm dumbfounded on how to run the belts though. Has anybody done this swap before? If so send me some pics. The biggest problem is that I can't use the pulley closest to the engine because its to wide. I need to run the power steering pump off that pulley, because the york and the alt are being mounted on the pass side. By the way its the orig engine. I don't think that I'll be able to do this setup with one belt. Helppppp!!!
DO you have the single wide pulley or the dbl with one wide and one narrow? If you have the dual set up replace the pulley on the saginaw to match the narrow smog pump pulley in belt width. If you currently have a single pulley setup buy a 2F dbl pulley and run 2 equal size belts
I have the twin grove pulley. But I'm using the narrow groove for the york and alternator. The saginaw pump I have is from a scout and has a narrow groove pulley, but this isn't helping me, because I need a wide groove pulley for the pump. Does anybody know what vechile I can rob a saginaw pump off of that has a wide pulley on it, to match the one on the cruiser??? Thanks, Pete
Somebody, Help!!
IIRC, the PS pump pulley from a '80's 240 Volvo will fit the GM pump AND has the wide groove pulley. PinHead is the info source on this one. You can run a narrow belt in a wide pulley, it just won't last as long.
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You can go to any bearing shop and they can get it. IIRC is is 5/8" bore either with or without keyway depending on your pump and just show them a belt and they can match the width more or less. It is usually a PITA to remove the pulley!
I have the pump from a mid-80s truck. It has a 3/4" shaft w/o keyway.
Does the pump have the pulley I need on it, or is it just the pump. I have two saginaw pumps laying around, one is pressed on and the other has a nut and washer holding the pulley on. Drop me a email and whell talk. Thanks, Pete
I'd like to thank all of you guys for your help. I was at a dead end, and thought I would never find a pulley that would work, but I still have to hunt one down. Thanks, Pete
Hey, 'Zilla. Are you also running a two groove waterpump pulley? I think you should, that way if you lose a belt you will still have fan and waterpump. The older Volvo pumps were made by GM and are identical except for the metric sized wider groove. They are press-on. Yes you can go to about any machine supply and get just what you want, but you'll be surprised at how proud of theose pulleys they are...like $50++++++. Find a shop that does a fair amount of Foreign car work and you probably find a dead Volvo or two on the back lot. Easier to pull the whole pump, then wag it home and wrestle with the pulley privately.
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Personally, I just run the 17 series belts (17/64ths inch, narrow belt) in the Toyota groove pulley. It doesn't bottom out and the belt wears fine.

4 cyl jeeps are also reported to have the wide groove Saginaw pulley.

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