#ExtraTerrestrialAF - Probing New Mexico

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Nov 1, 2004
Memphis, TN
Coming soon to a galaxy near you...

Alternate thread titles:

:alien: Roswell or Bust :alien:

Ten Dudes, One Chick. And an Alien.

Highly Trained Professional Rocket Scientist Quits Job to go EAF’n with His Friends From the Chat Room.

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If I came out of the gate telling you that we abducted up an alien hitchhiker on a deserted New Mexico highway and went #EAF’n across the state with it, you probably wouldn’t believe me, so we’ll have to rewind a bit...
In early December, I get an invite from the CLC #EAF crew to accompany them on their annual January MLK trip to drier and more epic lands than the ones we occupy along the southern stretch of the Mississippi River.

I run it by my beautiful wife, who says she can probably take vacation during that time and stay home to pick the kids up from school and whatnot.

Work is slammed, and there are several looming deadlines right after MLK, but if the trip is mostly during the weekend, I figure I can work overtime beforehand and pull it off.
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I reply back that it is a definite possibility, and request the trip details.

That’s when I find out that it is not during the MLK holiday weekend (where I would have a day off work), but the one before. And it is so far away that I will need to take off 2 work days in each direction just to make it to & from the trailhead.

Fawk. There’s no way I can take off four days of work during a crunch time. Absolutely no way.

Just for the fun of it, I plug the data into my Rocket Scientist Vacation Request Superalgorithm that will look for loopholes in the space-time fabric and find a way.

One night, I’m monitoring the repeater for alien transmissions, when a cryptic message comes through...


I demand an explanation and a call sign, but the mysterious messenger provides neither.

I ponder the meaning of this message from the universe, as I take inventory of my life and it’s trajectory. The universe had been sending me lots of signals this year, and this one seemed to be coming straight from the vortex itself. This recent message seemed to tie all of the other signals together and make sense of it all.

It seems the universe is telling me to quit my job to go EAF’n with my friends from the Internet.

I run this by my beautiful wife, who must have been in a really good mood or really tired or something, because she blesses this revelation from the abyss.
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I relay this shocking message to the CLC EAFers, and suddenly find myself thrust into a strange new world...

...the group text that forms about a month out from these trips.

Holy #@¥%!!! Turns out this will be a pretty serious relationship.

Hundreds of new messages come through every day, and you have to stay on top of them or you will be left behind quicker than if your texts show up green. (Green texters are strictly forbidden from the group text. Sorry greentexters, I didn’t make the rule, but that’s the choice you made when you chose the android life.)
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Amongst all the inside jokes and comments totally unrelated to the trip, a few important details are occasionally handed out.

After a few route recalculations, we decide to meet up in Roswell, NM, hit the trail nearby and find a campsite for the night.

We’ve got a few key areas around the state to check out, and will hop on pavement as needed to reach them.
Just the mention of Roswell puts us on a Level IV Alien Alert.

The alien jokes are flowing from the start, but deep down we are all hoping for an encounter with the extraterrestrials. Some are hoping to be probed; others are hoping to do the probing.

Just like the mere thought of double rainbows can cause a real double to materialize, we are fairly certain that we will have an encounter.

Not wanting to leave such things to chance, RUN PMC stocks up on Reese’s Pieces to increase our odds.

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But before any of this can happen, we spend about a week making fun of @wngrog ’s old man sandals...





We finally declare them #gangstaAF so we can move on and get back to the aliens...

Looking forward to this one ...

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