For Sale Exo'd 80 Crawler/DD in Atlanta

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United States
I bought this from member "Farr off road" about five months ago but can no longer keep two cars.

I have put around 4k miles on it driving 7 days a week and done some recent oil and fluid services and a few other things.

Great on the road, Amazing off road and ready to drive anywhere!
Here's the PO's fs thread for more pics and build thread

Asking $8000



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Hate to see you sell'n her!! Wish I could buy it back but I just can't right now!!

At that price I'm sure someone will scoop it up quick but I'll say "good luck anyway"! :)
Thanks, I really don't want to sell it. I drive about 35 miles a day on the hwy for work and I have a mercedes wagon that's boring but more appropriate.

This truck has been the most fun vehicle I ever owned, awesome to drive and gets tons of attention.

I only took if off road twice on some pretty light trails but I got to flex it in some spots and use the lockers so I had a lot of fun.

And thank you again Roy the truck has needed nothing and been really fun to own.
Oh no you don't Kurt!!!!!
Man, I wanted this truck so bad when it was for sale the first time, but didn't have the cash at the time. Ended up buying a similar one in the meantime, but minus the EXO cage. Very Awesome truck, IMO! Good luck with the sale! free bump!
I saw this truck on one of the two outings... it's a thing of beauty! Someone's going to get a very nice truck!

GAWD yer killing me.......

I should have bought that thing when Roy had it, but I had 2 one ton 4x4 trucks at the time and could not convince the :princess: CEO that ANOTHER vehicle was justified.....
Since then I have sold both trucks and bought a stock, locked 1994 80......solid and rust free.....

Timing is everything...........I was just off a bit on that one...

Nice 80. Roy built a great rig there....

Bump for a well built rig.
bump day
How do you like those tires?? Nice truck, good luck with the sale.
The tires are great, they are smooth on the road with a nice whine and amazing off road, very sticky rubber and they flex great, not what I expected from a military tire. I would buy these for my next toy.
GAH I want this so bad!!!! Unfortunately I am broke from playing with the Hornet all the time. So free bump
Does the a/c work? and do you know if there has been any type of engine or front end work?
Yes the AC is as cold as air gets, before I bought it the PO installed a new component I am not sure if it was the compressor or condensor or what but the AC is perfect.

I am not sure of front end work but I have taken it to Quantum Mechanics in Decatur for regular service and fluid changes. I had them check the truck all over for leaks, brakes, belts and any service or repairs needed. They adjusted the e-brake did a oil change check and topped off as needed the diffs and trans. They said the truck was in good shape. I can pull my reciepts for better details and notes. Also I can tell from looking that the top of the motor is dry and has recently had valve cover gasket.

Bottom line is this cruiser runs great and needs only a driver to daily and play with it in the woods.

Anyone with serious interest come see it in person and drive it you won't be disappointed.
209k miles and runs excellent, this is not a beater truck. I will try to snap an engine bay shot.

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