Exhaust headers (F engine) - any experience?

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Jul 10, 2012
the Far North
My exhaust manifold for my 73 FJ40 is toast. I am considering a man-a-fre or Spector Offroad header. Can anyone with headers for the F engine offer your thoughts/guidance?

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I have them on my F.25 (71 block/74 head). I put this set on when I damaged the ones the PO had put on it, so never have contrasted them a stock setup.

Marks Off Road produces the old Downey style headers as well. Mark's shop is old school and phone based if you go that route.
Downey style header and super duty gasket from Marks Off Road [818 953-9230] Ran 2 1/2" pipe and 24" glasspack. Worked out great and sounds good.
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Same here, Great experience with Mark's Off Road Tri-Y style header with 2.25"pipe and a Flowmaster. Be sure to also get the gasket from Mark and you will be surprised how easily they go on, no shimming, cut washers, etc. They give me a decent performance gain and great sound (not too loud, so I can hear the tranny whine).:D
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