Engine not switching off? and 4wd quick question

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May 17, 2011

new member and my first post. I have a 62 series 12ht and live in Kenya.

After a long drive my engine wouldn't switch off. I pull the key out and the engine just keeps going. I find if I gently pull the choke out then the engine dies. Taking the engine fuse out does no good. Any suggestions on what may be wrong and how to fix it?

While I'm here...I have the familiar problem of the 4wd not engaging. Both solenoids seem to give out some vacuum, but this is very weak. However, my question is if I engage low range (and of course lock the front hubs) will the truck be in 4wd irrespective of the vacuum sustem working or not? The light doesn't come on when I am in L/R. Yes, I know I'm being lazy here and could just lift the car up and check, but wanted to save a trip down to the garage to get the car hoisted up.

Cheers, Andre.
I am not a diesel expert but there is most likely a problem with the EDIC. It is essentially a fuel cut off valve.

There's no edic on the 12ht, however there's a vacuum operated shut off valve located on the throttle body. If you have no vacuum it won't work. I would start thre, its possible that you have a disconnected hose from he vacuum pump. The other possibility is the vacuum pump is broken
There is also a vsv on the engine block that opens the port for the vacuum shut off, which may be broken. Since you're also having trouble with the 4x4 switch I would start with vacuum first
if the 12ht is like the 2h auto for shut off; push the -the rod in the red circle- to turn off the truck.

one time i had the same problem but i found i broken wire leading to that shut-off diaphragm. (this wire was under where the circle is and not visible on the picture below)

but like others have said, the shut off and 4wd is vacuum activated so i would start looking at the vacuum lines/system

hope this helps
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