Engine Cooling Fan & Cooling System Questions

Jan 13, 2003
I recently replaced the radiator, thermostat, and all hoses on my 79 FJ-40. The temp guage runs on the second tick mark and sometimes moves to strait up. If after it's warmed up good and I have to sit at a lite it can move up to almost the 3rd tick. Then immediatley goes back down. When I shut it off the cooling fan on the drivers side fender usually kicks on. &nbsp:Does all this sound like normal activity to you? The only thing left would be the water pump, it doesn't overheat or loose any water. Just wanted to knwo if it was normal.. thanks
Dec 8, 2002
Cape Town, South Africa
With the onset of summer here in Africa, I've also been experiencing cooling problems over the last few days, but it turned out my radiator was 50% blocked. I now have a new one, but the temp gauge still moves around, but at least it does not spray all the water out anymore. I've owned 3 Cruisers, and this was common to F and 2F motors, the FJ75 I owned had a 3F, and did not seem to suffer the same condition.
Some things you can check are:
- Attach a completely seperate temp gauge, to ensure yours is correct,
- When the engine is cold, remove the thermostat housing, place a hose pipe into the radiator and start the engine. This will give you an indication as to the water flow. (As well as a good shower) If the flow stops or just dribbles at idle, then you can bet the waterpump needs checking.
- One often missed is the fan belt tension, as this drives the waterpump.
Jan 30, 2002
seems normal to me!

just make sure the fan doesnt stay on for more than 20 mins after you shut it off....you could have a bad relay if it doesnt.


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