Elocker question from factory service manual

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May 20, 2007
This is a bit of an unusual question but anyone with a factory service manual for a 1997 through 2001 4Runner should be able to help me.

I am going to install two TRD elockers into my 1985 4Runner and will be using an FZJ80 elocker switch and ECU. What I am trying to do is rationalize the wiring between the two. The FZJ80 elocker ECU controlls two elockers but the wiring colors are different from the TRD elocker (actually the rear one might use the same colors, I'm not positive about that).

If you click on this link (thanks KLF for the link), you will find 3 pages from a FZJ80 factory manual. Two of them (diff 138 & 139) show the wiring diagram for the front and rear elockers, including the ECU. The other one (diff 140) is the operational description.


Can someone scan the same page(s) from a 97 through 01 4Runner diagram for me please? I think I already have the drawing part (not sure) but I really need the description narrative.

That drawing and narrative will allow me to rationalize the wiring between the FZJ80 ECU and the two TRD elockers.

I don't have the FSM you want- but here is a link that might help. (adding e-lockers to an 80 that didn't come with them stock)


Baja Overland
Thanks Luke. That is a good reference but I have seen it before. I'm really just down to the two elocker motor wires and the two elocker motor limit switch wires (as in which are used to lock and which are used to unlock). I have all the other wires figured out.

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