Electrical Tech Day


Jan 22, 2006
Burke, VA
Wow! Finding a classroom with a white board has been more difficult than I expected. Fortunately Mrs. @Stumpalama has come to the rescue. The location will be in the Manassas area, still waiting for final confirmation and specific time and location details. Stay tuned. The current plan is to have the class on Feb 9th. I realize this is the prep weekend before the Valentines Day trail ride. If this creates a conflict post up and maybe we can move the class to March 2. I'm booked on 2/23.

The class will be an all day event including demonstrations and hands-on activities. Bring your voltmeter and soldering gun, if you have one. Presumably, the club will pick up the tab for lunch (action item for the next meeting).

Here is a list of the topics I hope to cover (time will be the limiting factor):
- DC fundamentals: Volts, Amps, Ohms & Watts
- Schematic diagrams & symbols
- Switches, relays & solenoids
- Motors: permanent magnet and series wound (starter & winch motors), dynamic braking
- Ignition systems: Coil, points, distributor, wires & spark plugs
- Charging systems: Alternator/generator, Amp/volt meter, battery & regulator
- Gauges & sensors v senders
- Dual battery options
- Wire gauge, circuit breakers, fuses, fusible links and grounding
- Crimping, splicing, soldering & shrink tube
- Troubleshooting techniques
- Tips on using a volt/amp/ohm meter
- Some unusual circuits explained

What did I miss? I you have a specific topic you want to cover, please let me know so I'm prepared. I will be bringing stuff so we can have as many hands-on experiences as possible. Also, please post if you plan to attend so I know how much to print.

Hope to see you on the 9th.


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Dec 10, 2004
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:bang: Now My head hurts!

If I can make it I’ll bring a couple extra Irons and solder.
My Solder Irons are all butane.


Jan 22, 2006
Burke, VA
I usually do a short-circuit demonstration during the class (in the parking lot) to illustrate the potential disaster when a wire is not properly fused. Since our class time will be limited and we are having the class at a public school, generating a lot of smoke in the parking lot may not be a good idea. So, with the help of @StaleAle, we made a video that you can watch during the class. The video shows what happens to an 18 gauge wire during a short circuit. Here are some teaser photos.


The power source is a generic automotive battery.


A shunt is used to measure Amps. One Amp through the shunt creates .001 volts.
The meter is measuring 0.261 volts = 261 Amps.


The wire has melted so zero Amps.
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