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Jul 27, 2005
Roseville, CA
Sorry, I know pics would make this question a lot easier, but I'll have to post a pic later if needed. My question is, from the EGR valve on the driver's side of the engine, there is a metal tube that goes aft, then connects to a rubber hose that wraps around up behind the air filter, then to the passenger side of the engine. On the end of the hose there is some kind of metal fitting.

What does the hose connect too? On mine the hose was sitting on top of a curved piece of pipe that sticks out of the bottom of the engine block on the passenger side. Loosely sitting on it, not connected.

Is this where it supposed to connect, am I missing something?

Sorry, if this makes no sense?? I'll get a pic posted later.

Thanks- That's what I was talking about, good link.

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