Early seat belts

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Mar 6, 2014
Chico Ca.
I have some anchors behind my seats that look like such. I assume they for seat belts? Does anyone have pics of what these belts look like?

Ok, I see now. I was wondering how they would attach. Thank you. If anyone has some for sale or knows where they are for sale.
Please let me know
Aircraft belts are very similar. I'll be buying some Cessna/pipper belts until originals are found.
My ‘63 doesn’t have any hooks like those for belt anchors (my ‘65 FJ40 does). No holes either for mounting them. Maybe it didn’t have belts as it’s before seat belt mandate. There are footman-like loops (2) in the back, none elsewhere so don’t know what those are for - pretty sure not belts as not strong enough. Did the early rigs (ala FJ25 vintage) have lap belts attached to seat frames? I thought I saw a pic of that somewhere.

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