e- lock questions

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What an answer...

I'll bump your thread by saying that I have a 80 series rear e-locker in the front of my 40. The conversion also required new axle shafts. There are threads about this. I don't know if the FJ Crusier E-locker is the same as the 80 series or not (a really quick search didn't get anything either). I'm guessing its not, but its worth verifying if you're getting it cheap/free. Maybe someone will respond with an explanation about how they are different.
Hi All:

The 80 Series rearend is 8.75 inch like the 40/55/60/70 Series. The FJ Loser uses a smaller R&P set. It might fit in the rearend of a Tacoma p/u, I dunno . . . .



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