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Jun 27, 2003
First off, great site guys. I am the proud owner of a '65 FJ 40!!!!! Unfortunately its got a rod thru the block. Now since I have a 383TBI just gathering dust would it be a good idea to mount it up? Making an adaptor to the three speed is not an issue. Or would it be a better idea to get the drive train from a 76-up FJ40 or FJ60 and mount it behind the 383?
383TBI to a stock 3-speed boat anchor is a waste of $$ IMO

BUT...use the 383 to a SM465 or SM420 granny tranny with a plate adapter to your stock t-case and you not only have a stronger tranny, you gain a granny gear.

my concern then would be the a on there and it will help a ton for strength.
Thanks for the info. I just read the manufac. forum and found that adaptor option. I have both the 465 and 420 trannys. Does anyone on here have a NV4500 running with their stock case or have they switched to a GM or atlas case?
NV4500 is nice with the OD but it's a long option and lots more $$ than the non-OD SM465.

GM/Atlas are center outputs and require a rear axle change too.

Check the tech links for tranny swaps and there are a few writeups there to give you more

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