Dogs of MUD!


Aug 18, 2015
Las Vegas
Dec 29, 2011
Sorry you lost your big guy.

Kudos for the adoption, he seems blissfully unaware how lucky he just got! That's the way it should be
Thanks! Pete crossed over on Father’s Day this year. Cluster him after I came home from Iraq. Losing him was soul-crushing & I was in no rush to get another dog. We were best friends. But then this guy came along & I thought it sure would be nice to have a buddy ready for pheasant season next year...

Pete was 1/2 lab, half bully of some sort (I’ve always assumed American Bulldog). Not an upland hunter at all, but hated coyotes with a passion. I was going to adopt a bird dog when I brought Pete home...

Skeet is my first purebred dog-a field lab with the largest paws I’ve ever seen on a lab puppy. He’s quiet & calm and slept through his first night. He’s getting the hang of sit already. Where Pete was rowdy & a “shoot first/ask questions later” kind of dog, Skeet seems to be more of a thinker.

But who knows. I’ve had him for 12 hours. It’s gonna be interesting...
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