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Jan 4, 2014
Little Rock, Arkansas
After taking a little detour over to the 200 section I saw a bunch of guys posting pics of their dogs in the "200 Photos Thread". I thought it would be good to do something similar except in a dedicated thread. I'm sure almost everyone on this forum has their favorite furry four-legged friend(s) so I figured it'd be cool for us to share and to see all the different breeds out there. Anyways, I guess I will begin - this is Molly and she is a 9 year old black and white English Springer Spaniel!

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I'll play. Queensland Heeler (ACD). She's now 15. Not a whole lot more miles on the odometer I'm afraid, but she can still knock out a 4 mile run.
Oregon LC...I like your taste in dogs.

We're on our third ACD...they tend to go on for a very long time. To say this one is "busy" would be the understatement of the year. :doh: They're scary-smart.

This is "Bluey", she'll turn 11 months old tomorrow. She has basic obedience down pat...she's working moving horses around without getting killed or hurting a horse. The DNA is strong in this girl. She's from Adrian, Oregon.

Our prior ACD was "Star", who died peacefully in December of 2013 at 15. Before that, "Hank the Cow Dog" made it to 16 years 11 his prime, he could easily knock down 20 miles a day moving cattle down from the Owyhee's in the fall, and back up in the spring. Not a day goes by that he doesn't come to mind. ;)


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These are our pups. Murphy is the one in more photos. He is a Cavalier King Chalres and a Poodle. The other one is a cockapoo. Our next dog Is going to be a Bernese mountain dog. We currently don't have a yard to accommodate a big dog



Henry the farm rescue dog. Part lab, pyranees, german shepard and rotti. Looks like a black irish setter. Sweetest dog you would ever want to know...unless you are the milkman at 3am and he is startled and he breaks out the pyranees deep loud bark that wakes me up and I am positive the zombie apocalypse is starting....



Here's our boxer we rescued. The prior owner didn't want him due to an extremely serious heart condition that will cause him to just drop over dead at any moment, but after we spent some time with him there was no way we could let him go. The "good" thing is that no surgery nor medication can help him, so he's just living the good life till then! I didn't want to like him at first but as you can tell that's out the window :)






I like those GSP's. Toss up between GSP, Vizsla, or Boxer for next dog. Right now we have a senior citizen beagle living out her last years and has been the most relaxed dog I've ever seen.

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