Does this spindle need to be replaced?

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Apr 17, 2003
Jacksonville, FL
Just took my front axles apart (rebuilding everything and adding an ARB). The rig has been in mothballs for 7 years (not run).

The right knuckle had really rust-stained grease and everything on that side was more difficult to remove. Once I got it cleaned up, the inside of the spindle looked all messed up. The inside is all rough with grooves around it from obvious wear.

I'm thinking I should replace it.
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What does the end of the birfield look like? Looks like something was loose inside the hub and did the damage. I personnaly wouldn't worry about the inside of the spindle as much as the other components inside such as axle, nut, bearing etc.
The axle and Birfield looked OK. I didn't really look at the bearings at all, just threw the greasy mess into the trash before I was able to clean up this spindle. I'm going to replace the Birf with a Longfield, and I'm going to put in all new bearings. I'll go overthing more closely to look for other damage.

But will this spindle be OK to re-use? If there is any chance it would damage the new parts/Birf etc. I'd just as soon replace it, but it doesn't look like any parts are meant to rub against that surface...
Turn the spindle over and show me the bushing...that is the important piece really....if that is damaged you can replace it or get another spindle....if it is not damaged, run it.

Good luck!


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