Does anyone make reproduction Shift Instructions and VIN plates? (1 Viewer)


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Aug 12, 2007
I'm pretty sure I have seen that people are making them, but I have no idea who. I'm missing a vin plate thanks to my PO, and my shifting instructions are wrong. If anyone could point me in the direction of eone who does that, it would be much appreciated.


@ToyotaMatt makes VIN plates
Here's shift instructions...
Check with @shipmag he makes custom plates and they are very nice
Those are very cool. Excellent work.

If I ever get close to finishing my truck... shiny paint and all, I’ll have to get a full set of custom plates made to match my specs. It’d be a very cool topper on the cake.

Sorry purists, mine will have a ‘72 4 bolt 350 with TPI off a Camaro. It still has a Toyota 4-speed, but the case has been modded to have a square shift pattern that also includes 2wd Low range.

It’d be a lot of fun to try to convince people it came that way. The way things are heading, future generations won’t even know what spark plugs are. If things go well, it’ll all look stock(ish).
Sorry, I just don't know how to link it for you


OK ,

so i have had some time to reflect this evening , about the past , i even when into the cold dark halls of my Precious DATA ID Plate

& Engraving Service Gallery For Review for the first time since i made my last final Post and Locked The thread for NO further Replies

strolling thew all the halls and various Banners , Posters , and several Hundred of the Finest Professional Level Photo Graphs I have

ever personally taken since my Formal Teaching of this Art-form in college so long ago now it seams ..........

i mentioned in one of my first posts in this very nice and unique thread started by @DangerNoodle , whom seams like a TOP SHELF Dude !

i forgot about the one Shift Plate i did get involved in , due to a very loyal mud member and customer who would not take NO , for a answer ....

i made a Batch of 6 glove box plates , one went to him and i found these tonight buried under tons of other TEq crap in my office ..

I would like to take a moment and give back to those who gave me so much inspiration in that time in the past .......

I HAVE ONLY ONE SERIOUS and well Holiday Spirit RULE Please ...........

These are
NOT Souvenirs for everyone to just grab and go ,,,,,

I made these with my own 2 hands and its my wish and hope i can simply put them in 5 fellow members hands whom DO INDEED have this exact same shift patterns and layout etc ..........

thats all ........

nothing more , i also will cover all shipping related cost here in the lower 48 ...........

Pay Forward is the idea , and its time i coin the F up........ :D

kindly Matt ........

if you know a fellow member whom has this shift pattern bring them ON !

have them or you PM me please .........

lets keep it real and simply .........

happy holidays

From the Rising Sun Mechanical SKUNK-WORKS LAB ........

index999999999999999999999999999999 - Copy - Copy.png


anatomy-skunk-works - Copy - Copy 1 - Copy.jpg

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