Do you trust NAPA parts for 90k service?

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Mar 30, 2005
I'm engaged in conversation regarding negotiating a deal on a LX 470 that needs the 90k service. It is an out of state transaction. Would you trust the parts and work from a dealer that is associated with NAPA Autocare or would you simply order the timing belt and water pump directly from Toyota and try to get a local guy to do the work? I'm not sure about the quality of the parts coming from NAPA and the only way I would know if the work was performed is pictures and having the dealer retain my replaced parts. What would you do? Would you trust the work is getting done and do you trust NAPA parts? This would include a water pump replacement as well which I'm assuming is non-Toyota.
Buy the OEM parts from CDan or Beno and have it done locally.
I would only trust OEM unless I had reason to believe that the aftermarket part was of higher quality and I've never heard anyone claim NAPA parts were better than OEM, just cheaper. When it comes to vital organs of your rig like those involved in the 90k service, at least personally it's not worth the risk or cost savings to use other than OEM.

While I can't say definitively that NAPA is lesser quality (I just don't have enough evidence one way or the other), I can say that OEM is tried and true, and I can also say I've seen at least one report of a 'failed' water pump that was not OEM (Duralast) after 6 months.
Here's the failed water pump thread:

Now, to your specific scenario, I would use the lack of 90k service to negotiate down on the price, and take that savings and get it done with OEM parts by someone local that you trust etc.
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Certain parts from NAPA are the same as OEM suppliers (like bearings for one, and I think someone found that the ball joints are the same). However, other major components, like CVs, are aftermarket and inferior quality. So, one way to check would be to look at one in the store and see if it's marked Aisin or similarly.
It's at least worth kicking in the difference between the NAPA parts and the OEM parts... you only want to do it once every 90k... any more often than that and something terrible has gone wrong.
Thank you gentleman. I will definitely take your advice and simply address the matter locally.

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