Dizzy vent that goes into cabin...pic needed

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Dec 25, 2010
Camas, WA/Portland
Maybe my search-fu is off today, but I cannot find a pic of where the dizzy vents though the firewall by the glove box.

Mine was missing and I can’t seem to find where the line is supposed to plumb through at.

Can someone snap a pic so I can sort this out? Much appreciated!
It goes to below the wiper motor, in the corner there. It’s dark out now here and frigid as heck.
@OSS or @mwebfj60 or @CaptClose, got a moment?
Right about here

Or cap it off with a small cheap fuel filter and zip tie to a higher location on the firewall.

I once left the firewall filter exposed and it became plugged by an insect. Did not discover this for a few months and after two distributors mysteriously corroding. No fresh air was being pulled into the dizzy cap, only engine fumes.

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