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Jan 24, 2007
I am having a hard time getting rotor to finish a front disc brake job.
The only rotors I could get are the ones that have 8 holes (6 stud holes and 2 bolt holes) . What I need is the the ones with 6 smaller holes.
The best price for the 6 hole ones is around $110 cdn a piece, and the UAP guy said he couldn't order them.
All the other places they show me the correst rotor , but when they get them to me ,they have the 8 holes.
So short story.
I have to either change to different hubs or drill 4 more holes into these rotors .
I could go buy hubs from 84 Toy pickup , I think they should work
with the 8 hole rotors. Any ideas , Change hubs or drill ???
I didn't try the dealer , because they are too dam expensive around here. Buying from the USA is not an options, the last time I did I couldn't believe the customs bill and the tax.


Oh...Durka Durka Durka.
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Oct 1, 2003
Find the later model hub and ‘update’....Those rotors are 70.00us or so around here, and sometimes a real pain to find locally.

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