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Jan 21, 2006
hi guys!

came across two LC 79 diffs with disks allround. thought of swaping then into my bj40 that already has a 3B. i figure it is just a matter of grinding off and welding on new spring anchors.

have a few q s!:
1. is the swap streight forward as this?
2. i think the 79 diff ratio s something like 4.5:1, would a standard 3.7:1 diff
assembly fit in the 79 housing?
3. how wider would the track be? are the axels longerthan the BJ40?
4. are the axels 79 light weight? would they be strong enough?

hope to hear from you guys soon!

Strait forward swap...unbolt your axles, and bolt the other one's in.

79 US 40's had 3:73 ratio

Axles should be identical to what you already have track width, and weight....should not need to grind spring perches off and relocate them.

Good luck!

thanks steve!:)

but I guess I should have more clear. What I was meaning was a 79 series diff.
(front coil, rear leaf sprung).

sorry guys for the confusion.

hope u guys could help me out.
Roverx - Could you post some pictures of the axles in question? You may be able to get some more info in the international section of the forums since most of us aren't well-versed in non-U.S. models.

From your description, it sounds like these '79' axles might be the same as (or similar to) hilux/minitruck axles, in which case there are numerous threads about the pros and cons of swapping them into a 40.


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