Diesel fuel tank VS gas fuel tank

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Jan 16, 2015
There is a 1979 HJ45 for sale that is in pieces. The engine is diesel, but has been taken apart. Who knows if the engine is restoreable, so if i were to put a small block Chevy in its place, would I would be able to use the existing fuel tank of the HJ45?
Engine is easily restorable if the block is ok , quality engine kits are quite cheap.Diesel and petrol fuel tanks are identical . You wont find many friends here doing SBC conversions to old cruisers.
It will be far more pleasurable with a rebuilt diesel and the resale value will be a pleasant surprise. There are not many SBC conversions out there done properly because its not easy to finish them off , IMO.
On the flip side of this question, I'm planning to put a diesel into what is now a gasser (not a Toyota). Apparently the inside of the gas tank is galvanized, according to what others say. On another forum they keep saying that if the inside of the tank is galvanized the diesel will react to it and over time cause discoloration of the diesel, and eventually flake the galvanized off and plug filters.

Does anybody here have any experience with this?

I have never heard of a Toyota fuel tank being galvanized. That's just stupid from the perspective of manufacturing and highly unlikely for a stock tank.
I didn't think there would be any difference. If I go that direction ,I was getting all the info to make the most economical and best decision for my rig.
Rufus, this is not a Toyota tank, or vehicle. From everything I've read about tank rust problems I figured the Toyota tanks were not galvanized. This happens to be a Datsun tank and I have no previous experience with them, which is why my question.

Thanks, Don
Traveldude, do you have details about these restoration kits? Do you know if these coatings hold up to diesel?

I have used the Eastwood gas tank sealer kit on an old Ford 602 tractor that had rust problems from ethanol gasoline. The kit is very nice, easy to follow instructions and quite time consuming to complete. The documentation says the sealer is compatible with gasoline and diesel fuel.
Hi Don

I can see talk of galvanizing and diesel being incompatible.

Some say it is the sulphur content of the diesel that is the culprit for the chemical reaction..

Isn't today's diesel sulphur-free? Edit... OK. Not sulphur-free but very-low-sulphur

I suggest getting a bit of bright shiny galvanised sheetmetal and sticking it in a jar of diesel for month to see what happens.

I have a suspicion it'll be just as bright and shiny at the end of the period (and that the diesel won't have gelled against it at all)... And if so, that'd be enough for me to decide to go ahead and do it.

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I don't think they even did any rust preventive measure like galvanizing tanks in 79. Everything body and tin was disposable then, look at how toyotas rust. Don't tell me otherwise that today bodies and cars are more disposable. Today cars resist rusting. Look at how much better the 80 series is over the 60 series for rust.
My 60 has bare metal everywhere in its construction. Spot welds and such.

I'll take a SBC any day over a 2f or 3fe. But I would not take out a 2H for a SBC. But it depends on the use of the vehicle. It's just not a tractor when the 2H comes out anymore.
Marbles seems to have nailed it.
The galvaniser list the corrosive effect as "low". Note the large underground galvanised diesel fuel tank on the right of the page.
This company galvanises 2.5 million tonnes of steel a year at nine plants in oz
Ultra low sulfur diesel (max 50 ppm sulfer) is common in most countries with exhaust emission laws on the books. Travel through Central America or South America and you'll likely find low sulfur diesel (500 ppm sulfur content.) LSD is bad for modern diesel emission control systems.

When I was in Baja California Sur a few years ago the majority of fueling stations still had LSD. I was impressed with how much quieter my engine ran on LSD than ULSD.
Brownbear... you are so right about a tractor motor . My 2f in my 79 fj40 crawled past my SBC cruiser until we hit the pass. I would love to have a inline engine over a SBC anyday as long as I can afford it.

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