Deep groove on brake rotor

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Oct 10, 2016
Middle Tennessee
hey guys
as weather gets better I started driving with the windows down and started hearing an intermittent grinding noise coming from the wheel and was more notorious when breaking. Since it was intermittent I thought it could be a rock or some debris caught in the dust guard.
this morning the noise was constant and when I got to my work, I visually checked the rotors and found a deep groove on the rear rotor, passenger side.
The pads and rotors were replaced on July 2017 and have about 12K miles on them. They are Bosch Quiet Cast.
I will do a thoroughly revision this weekend, but besides the obvious, what do you think it's going on? Prematurely worn out pads? Defective pads? Debris caught between the pad and the rotor? Stuck caliper?

thanks in advance,

I took the wheel off today and the problem was pretty evident.
Caliper seized (damn rust belt) and ate the pads and rotor.
Parts are on the way now.

Wow! Those are some ugly pads! Luckily brakes are pretty easy to fix, as far as fixes go...

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