De-smogging a 1983 Toy 4x4 pickup--a good idea?

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Jan 25, 2013
Whitewater, CO
I live in western Colorado and recently bought a 1983 4x4 pickup in great condition--with one major exception: It was originally sold in California, and the 22R engine is totally covered in smog control junk and doesn't run very well.

I'm about to buy the Weber 32/36 carb and the block off plate kit from LCE so I can completely remove ALL the smog control junk. We have no smog inspections here on the western slope, so that's not an issue (at this time), and I intend to keep the truck for years. However, I would like some opinions as to the wisdom of doing this.

At the moment, the truck runs way too rich, and has a choke issue. It also gets poor gas mileage (duh!). So, something needs to be done, but I really would hate to spend a bunch of money trying to fix the original carb only to find that it's unfixable or I'll simply be pouring money down a rat hole.

What do you guys think???
The Weber will not solve your issues, and from some of the stories told here it adds more problems. Rebuild the AISIN.

As far as desmogging. I seem to recall there are only two "systems" that you can remove. The EGR system, and the "smog pump" system. Keep the PCV. Also, since this was originally a California truck, it will have an Ox sensor even through it's carbed. Sorry, the truck needs this to run properly. In fact, it could be your problem right now. BTDT.
It's running rich because of an altitude change. Carbs have fixed fuel rates, change jet sizes by going down 1 and see where that gets you.
Agreed, I'd definitely start by rebuilding the carb and swapping the jets. There's a TON of info on MUD, Pirate 4x4, Marlin, Yota Tech, etc. forums about rebuilding these carbs. Cool find BTW but no pics?

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