Dashlights are off or blink with the left turn signal...what’s a likely cause?

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Dec 29, 2014
Electrical Gremlin in the Dash!
1 week ago at night, while backing out of the garage I noticed the left signal light was on solid for six seconds. The white dash lights went off when the left signal light turned itself off. They have not turned back on since.

Tonight as I drove the heater and ac dial lights went off and now the temp and clock and ac buttons when the left signal is on.

Has this happened to anyone else? What was the cause? Where do I start 1st after I check fuses of course.

99 Cruiser 100
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Update on this. I researched the issue on the forum and came up with the trailer lights control box is faulty. There has been an old recall on the 99 and 98 control boxes. I called Mr Toyota and after 30 minutes we found the recall had been performed in the past. They also felt the symptoms did not point to the same cause.

I took it in to my regular shop and they found it was the, drum roll please, the trailer light control. So it you have similar symptoms as above check this as a cause.


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