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Jun 9, 2003
Lancaster, PA
Howdy all!

I just purchased a '97 80 last week.


I am in the process of removing the awful stick-on wood trim kit from the interior.

My question/concern is this.... How exactly do I remove the vents from the dash without breaking them or butchering them? I want to take them out so that I don't hurt the dash with my heat gun while removing the (plastic)wood.

Mar 27, 2003
Somewhere in the foothills...
Welcome to 80's ownership and to the 80's section on this forum.

Removing the OME wood grain was one of the first things I started after buying my truck. Be advised that removing it is a PITA. I quit after removing the ugliest of the pieces, that's why interior pictures of my truck show some places with the wood trim and other places without.

Junk chisled his off.  :G

I don't think you want to attempt removing the vents. Those locations were the easiest to remove the trim using the following procedure:

1. Get a hair dryer or a heat gun that doesn't get extremely hot. You want to warm it up not melt it.
2. Get a variety of prying instruments (putty knifes, screw drivers, etc.) and cover the sharp ends with masking tape or something to keep from gouging the plastic underneath.
3. 3M sells some adhesive remover. I didn't try it but others have suggested this will help.
4. Start with a piece that is easy to get to and won't cause a lot of grief if you screw something up. I started with the biggest and most noticeable piece. That was a mistake. Start with the PS door.
5. Use the hair dryer to heat up the piece, especially the end where you will start peeling it back. Use the putty knife and pry up an edge, then heat and gently peel back. Take you time and everything will come off.
6. Use the adhesive remover to clean up the area. Keep it away from any clear plastic like the clock and the instrument cluster.

When you get frustrated, just give up and chisel away.

BTW, this shows promise for another beater 80.

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