Damn wind

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Jan 13, 2005
Boise ID
Anybody know a quick fix for the driver side door hinges. After I just got done painting the truck I was heading back to school and it was windy out. When I stopped for some gas opened the door and the wind took it and slammed it opened. Didnt really notice anything until I got back and went to get out and couldnt. The door hits on the outside of the fender instead of going inside. The crappy part is it chipped my brand new paint job. :mad: IH8WIND :mad: Anybody know of a way to bend that back or should I just get some new hinges?
I was looking at it and it is looking like the top hinge was the one that bent the most.
What happened to the "limiter" thing? Mine has been slammed open a few times, but the limiter has taken the abuse... If the hinges took the abuse, maybe you can remove them and straighten them out some..... Or get a new set, I'm sure you can find a set for less than $20ish

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