Damn speedo still not working.

Jun 24, 2005
Omaha, Nebraska
Speedo was working intermittantly or not at all, so I pulled it out, cleaned it up, inspected the ends, lubed the cable, lubed the inside of the sleeve, and reinstalled. Pulled out of the driveway, 1st gear the speedo rolls up to 15mph, flutters, and crashes back against the little post at the bottom. Now it just lays there like its tired or something.

When I reinstalled it, I spun the end by hand and it felt like it had some resistance, like that it might be turning the speedo. Being I was alone and physically unable to lie under the truck, spin the cable and watch the speedo at the same time, Im just assuming it moved.

The other end fit ever so nicely in the drive on the tcase. I even cleand the threads so the cover would go on nice and easy.

So, WTF? If I treated the wife that nice she'd probably give it up a little, or at least not tell me to get bent. What else to look at?

Not having a speedo helps me stay off the Man's radar, so I guess its not so bad, but dammit I want it to work.



Aug 25, 2005
Trying to stack dimes
When my speedo died the cable broke right at the tcase. I had just removed and reinstalled it (from the tcase) and I think that age plus the extra bending while pulling it off and putting it back on was enough stress to kill it. Pull it back off the tcase and see if the end of the inner cable is still attached.
Nov 16, 2004
My 'driven gesr' died. It's the part that 'slips' into xfer case....

18 bucks for new one from local Toy parts...

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