Custom Fuse-Relay Boxes/Power Distribution/etc.?

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Nov 14, 2008
Canberra, Australia
In the process of modding my 70 series camper, I want to add a lot of additional electrical things (car PC, GPS, UHF CB and HF radios, computer/video monitors, spot/driving lights, fog lights, work lights, rock lights, under bonnet lights, rear winch, air compressors, electronic diff locks, diesel campervan heater, TV tuner, satellite tuner, stereo system, etc.).

Rather than splicing in each new electrical device into the existing factory wiring, and ending up with a mess, I want to add additional fuse boxes, wired back to the battery.

I am thinking that I will need additional fuse boxes in both the engine bay and the cabin.

Some of these fuse boxes will be wired through a realy so they only get power when the ignition is on, some will have power full time, so there needs to be at least a couple in both the cabin and in the engine bay.

Then I might want to run some things off of different batteries (will have 3 batteries to begin with, maybe more later), so may need to have additional sets of fuse boxes in the cabin and engine bay connected to the various batteries (for example, one battery for cranking/standard accessories, another for the fridge, another for communications/entertainment, etc.)

I have purchased a few Blue Sea blade fuse boxes, but am open to other ideas as well.

If you have custom fuse boxes, power distribution, etc., could you please post up some photos and/or share ideas?

I am running a Painless system. I have 3 Hot and 4 Ignition hot. They sell other configurations. They come with the relay, fuses, and all the wires (labeled too). They are a little more expensive but it is an easy install.

Fuse Blocks -
I came across a couple of Toyota OE fuse blocks while at the auto wreckers a few weeks ago that mounted directly to the battery. One I recall was from a 94 Toyota Previa (not sure if you have the same veh down under). It was rather large, so I ended up using a smaller one that came with three fuses (50A, 80A and 100A), but I cannot recall from what type of veh. I will be using this to power aux lights, OBA, and anything else that comes to mind that is external to the pass compartment. I also picked up a coupe of Toyota OE sealed relays that I will use as well, since I like the factory look and the fact they are sealed. I am in the middle of wiring everything up, and when done, I will post some pics.

EDIT: Below is a link to my pics in the 80 Series Forum.
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