Custom 3rd Members - Built to order!

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Nov 12, 2014
Cashmere WA
We can build any type of 3rd member. Call or email for info or to order!

At JT's we have the industry's most experienced professional diff builders. Combined with our huge inventory we are able to offer one of the industry's fastest turnaround times for complete assembled 3rd members. There are too many options to list so please call or email for more info.

-Fast turnaround
-Professionally built
-Industry's best parts

Some examples of the types of diffs we offer:

-Toyota 7.5 rear, 7.5" IFS, 7.5" clamshell IFS, 8" rear, E-locker rear, 8" high pinion, 8" Clamshell, 8.2", 8.4", 8" 100 Series IFS, 9.5" Land Cruiser, 9" Tundra Clamshell, Tundra 10.5", and more!

-GM 7.25" IFS, 8.25" IFS, 9.25" IFS, 63-79 Cast Iron Vette, Dana 36, 44, 44HD Vette,

-Ford 8", Ford 9", Billet 10", Ford 8.8 IRS Car, 8.8 IRS Explorer, 8.8" IFS, Dana 35, 44, 50 TTB IFS, Explorer Dana 30 IFS, 9.75" Expedition / Navigator IRS

-Chrysler / Mopar 8.75" 741, 489, 742 case

-Torq 14

-Oddball applications, Nissan, Suzuki, Jaguar Salisbury, etc.

Check out all our options HERE

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