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Current Draw

Jan 24, 2009
Tualatin, Oregon
I made a mistake today and I could use some advice on how to solve the problem I have created. The battery was connected and I disconnected the battery connection on the alternator and then his wire touched the body of the alternator, went to ground and the wire overheated :doh:. Now when I start the engine the ammeter shows a huge draw. While the engine is on and then turning the lights on or honking the horn blows the fuse. :whoops:

I am looking for any ideas about what would cause a large current draw like this and how I might track down the problem?

Any advice appreciated.


total rice
Nov 24, 2004
Heart of Dixie
that wire overheated and either it or ones near it went to ground. start peeling back your wiring harness and look for the smoked wires.

this most-likely isn't going to easy or fun.

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